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Oregon Wineries

Oregon Wineries

wine glass 12 Ranch Wines - Bonanza, OR
wine glass 15 Mile Winery - Dalles, OR
wine glass 2Hawk Vineyard & Winery - Medford, OR
wine glass A TO Z Wineworks - Newberg, OR
wine glass Abacela Vineyards - Roseburg, OR
wine glass Abbelone Vineyard - Eugene, OR
wine glass Abbey Creek Vineyard - North Plains, OR
wine glass Abiqua Wind Vineyard - Scotts Mills, OR
wine glass Adea Wine Company - Gaston, OR
wine glass Adega Northwest - Portland, OR
wine glass Adelsheim Vineyard - Newberg, OR
wine glass Airlie Winery - Monmouth, OR
wine glass Alexana Vineyard & Winery - Newberg, OR
wine glass Alexana Winery - Carlton Tasting Room - Carlton, OR
wine glass AlexEli Vineyard and Winery - Molalla, OR
wine glass Alit Wines - Dundee, OR
wine glass Alloro Vineyard - Sherwood, OR
wine glass Alpine Vineyards - Monroe, OR
wine glass Amalie Robert Estate - Dallas, OR
wine glass Amaranth Ridge - Oakland, OR
wine glass Amity Vineyard - Amity, OR
wine glass Analemma Wines - Mosier, OR
wine glass Anam Cara Cellars - Newberg, OR
wine glass Anchor Valley Wine - Jacksonville , OR
wine glass Ancient Cellars - Dundee, OR
wine glass Andante Vineyard - Dallas, OR
wine glass Anderson Family Vineyard - Newberg, OR
wine glass Andrew Rich Wines - Carlton, OR
wine glass Angel Vine - Carlton, OR
wine glass Angela Vineyards - Dundee, OR
wine glass Ankeny Vineyard Winery - Salem, OR
wine glass Anne Amie Vineyards - Carlton, OR
wine glass Antica Terra - Dundee, OR
wine glass Apolloni Vineyards - Forest Grove, OR
wine glass Aramenta Cellars - Newberg, OR
wine glass ArborBrook Vineyards - Newberg, OR
wine glass Arcane Cellars - Salem, OR
wine glass Archer Vineyard - Newberg, OR
wine glass Archery Summit - Dayton, OR
wine glass Ardiri Winery and Vineyards - Cornelius, OR
wine glass Argyle Winery - Dundee, OR
wine glass Armonea Winery - Dayton, OR
wine glass Artisanal Wine Cellars - Newberg, OR
wine glass Ashland Vineyards and Winery - Ashland, OR
wine glass Asilda Wine - Carlton, OR
wine glass Atticus Wine - Yamhill, OR
wine glass August Cellars - Newberg, OR
wine glass Aurora Colony Vineyards - Aurora, OR
wine glass Ayoub Vineyard - Dundee, OR
wine glass Ayres Vineyard - Newberg, OR
wine glass Barbara Thomas Wines - Carlton, OR
wine glass Barking Frog Winery - Carlton, OR
wine glass Barrel Fence Cellars - Dundee, OR
wine glass Battle Creek Cellars - Portland, OR
wine glass Beacon Hill Winery - Gaston, OR
wine glass Beaton Farm Vineyard & Winery - Grants Pass, OR
wine glass Beaux Freres - Newberg, OR
wine glass Becker Vineyard - Roseburg, OR
wine glass Beckham Estate Vineyard - Sherwood, OR
wine glass Bella Vida Vineyard - Dundee, OR
wine glass Belle Fiore Winery - Ashland, OR
wine glass Belle Pente Wine Cellars - Carlton, OR
wine glass Belle Vallée Cellars - Corvallis, OR
wine glass Bells Up Winery - Newberg, OR
wine glass Bennett Vineyards & Wine Company - Cheshire, OR
wine glass Benton Lane Winery - Monroe, OR
wine glass Bergström Winery - Newberg, OR
wine glass Bethel Heights Vineyard - Salem, OR
wine glass Big Table Farm - Gaston, OR
wine glass Biggio Hamina Cellars - McMinnville, OR
wine glass Bjornson Vineyard - Salem, OR
wine glass Blakeslee Vineyard Estate - Sherwood, OR
wine glass Blizzard Wines - Hillsboro, OR
wine glass Blooming Hill Vineyard, A - Cornelius , OR
wine glass Bluebird Hill Cellars and B&B - Monroe, OR
wine glass Boedecker Cellars - Portland, OR
wine glass Boitano Cellars - Gaston, OR
wine glass Bow and Arrow - Portland, OR
wine glass Bradley Vineyards - Elkton, OR
wine glass Brandborg Vineyard and Winery - Elkton, OR
wine glass BraVuro Cellars Tasting Room - Newberg, OR
wine glass Brick House Vineyards - Newberg, OR
wine glass Bridgeview Vineyards - Cave Junction, OR
wine glass Brigadoon Wine Company - Junction City, OR
wine glass Brittan Vineyards - McMinnville, OR
wine glass Broadley Vineyards - Monroe, OR
wine glass Brooks Wines - Amity, OR
wine glass Bryn Mawr Vineyards - Salem, OR
wine glass Buddha Kat Winery - Sandy, OR
wine glass Cabernet Creek Farms - Mt. Hood , OR
wine glass Calcagno Cellars Winery - Troutdale, OR
wine glass Cameron Winery - Dundee, OR
wine glass Cana's Feast Winery - Carlton, OR
wine glass Cancilla Cellars - Gaston, OR
wine glass Capitello Wines - Eugene, OR
wine glass Carabella Vineyard - Wilsonville, OR
wine glass Cardwell Hill Cellars - Philomath, OR
wine glass Carlo and Julian Winery - Carlton, OR
wine glass Carlton Cellars - Carlton, OR
wine glass Carlton Hill Wine - Carlton, OR
wine glass Carlton Winemakers' Studio, The - Carlton, OR
wine glass Carpenter Creek Winery - Forest Grove, OR
wine glass Castillo de Feliciana Vineyard and Winery - Milton-Freewater, OR
wine glass Cathedral Ridge Winery - Hood River, OR
wine glass Cellars at SOWI, The - Roseburg, OR
wine glass Cerulean Skies Winery - Hood River, OR
wine glass Champoeg Wine Cellars - Aurora, OR
wine glass Chapter 24 Vineyards - Dundee, OR
wine glass Chateau Bianca Winery - Dallas, OR
wine glass Chateau Le Coeur Lavender Event Ctr. - Cornelius, OR
wine glass Chateau Lorane - Lorane, OR
wine glass Chateau Nonchalant - Roseburg, OR
wine glass Chehalem Tasting Room - Newberg, OR
wine glass Chehalem Winery - Newberg, OR
wine glass Cherry Hill Winery - Rickreall, OR
wine glass Christopher Bridge Wines - Satori Springs - Oregon City, OR
wine glass Clay Pigeon Winery - Portland, OR
wine glass Clear Creek Distillery - Portland, OR
wine glass Clear Creek Distillery - Portland, OR
wine glass Cliff Creek Cellars - Tasting Room - Newberg, OR
wine glass Cliff Creek Cellars - Vineyard - Gold Hill, OR
wine glass Coelho Winery - Amity, OR
wine glass Coeur de Terre Vineyard - McMinnville, OR
wine glass Coleman Vineyard - McMinnville, OR
wine glass Colene Clemens Vineyards - Newberg, OR
wine glass Columbia River Fruit & Wine - The Dallas, OR
wine glass Compton Family Wines - Philomath, OR
wine glass Cooper Mountain Vineyards - Beaverton, OR
wine glass Cooper Ridge Vineyards - Roseburg, OR
wine glass Coopers Hall - Portland, OR
wine glass Copa Di Vino - The Dalles, OR
wine glass Copper Belt Wines - Baker City, OR
wine glass Coria Estates - Salem, OR
wine glass Corollary Wines - Dayton, OR
wine glass Cottonwood Winery of Oregon - Salem, OR
wine glass Cowhorn Vineyard - Jacksonville, OR
wine glass Cramoisi Vineyard - Dundee , OR
wine glass Crater Lake Cellars - Shady Cove, OR
wine glass Crawford Beck Vineyard - Amity, OR
wine glass Cricket Hill Vineyard & Winery - Jacksonville, OR
wine glass Cristom Vineyards - Salem, OR
wine glass Croft Bailey Vineyards - McMinnville, OR
wine glass Crowley Wines - Newberg, OR
wine glass Crowley Wines - Newberg, OR
wine glass Cubanisimo Vineyard - Salem, OR
wine glass D'Anu Wines - Hillsboro, OR
wine glass Daisy Creek Vineyard - Jacksonville, OR
wine glass Dana Campbell Vineyards - Ashland, OR
wine glass DANCIN’ Vineyards - Medford, OR
wine glass David Hamilton Winery - Mt Vernon, OR
wine glass David Hill Winery - Forest Grove, OR
wine glass Davis Creek Vineyard - Silverton, OR
wine glass de Lancellotti Family Vineyards - Newberg, OR
wine glass De Ponte Cellars - Dayton, OR
wine glass Deer Creek Vineyard - Selma, OR
wine glass Del Rio Vineyards - Gold Hill, OR
wine glass Delfino Vineyards - Roseburg, OR
wine glass Denison Cellars - McMinnville, OR
wine glass Depoe Bay Winery - Depoe Bay, OR
wine glass Devitt Winery & Vineyards - Jacksonville, OR
wine glass Dion Vineyards - Cornelius, OR
wine glass Division Winemaking Company - Portland, OR
wine glass Dobbes Family Estate Winery - Dundee, OR
wine glass Domaine Coteau - Amity , OR
wine glass Domaine Divio - Newberg, OR
wine glass Domaine Drouhin Oregon - Dayton, OR
wine glass Domaine Margelle - Scotts Mills, OR
wine glass Domaine Roy - Dundee, OR
wine glass Domaine Serene Vineyards - Dayton, OR
wine glass Dominio IV Winery - McMinnville, OR
wine glass Don Carlo Vineyard - Milton-Freewater, OR
wine glass Dos Estevan Wines - Carlton , OR
wine glass Drink Upsidedown Wine - Hood River, OR
wine glass Duck Pond Cellars - Dundee, OR
wine glass Ducleaux Cellars - Milton-Freewater, OR
wine glass Dukes Family Vineyards - Amity, OR
wine glass Durant Vineyards - Dayton, OR
wine glass Dusky Goose Vineyards - Dundee, OR
wine glass Echo Ridge Cellars - Echo, OR
wine glass EdenVale Estate - Medford, OR
wine glass Edgefield Winery - Troutdale, OR
wine glass EIEIO & Company Tasting Room - Carlton, OR
wine glass Elevée Winegrowers - Dundee, OR
wine glass Elizabeth Chambers Cellars - McMinnville, OR
wine glass Elk Cove Vineyards - Gaston, OR
wine glass Elkhorn Ridge Vineyards & Winery - Monmouth , OR
wine glass ElvenGlade Winery - Gaston, OR
wine glass Emerson Vineyards - Monmouth, OR
wine glass Eminent Domaine - McMinnville, OR
wine glass Enso Winery - Portland, OR
wine glass Eola Hills Wine Cellars - Rickreall, OR
wine glass Erath Winery - Dundee, OR
wine glass Et Fille Wines - Newberg, OR
wine glass Eugene Wine Cellars Tasting Room - Eugene, OR
wine glass Evening Land Vineyards Oregon - Salem, OR
wine glass Evesham Wood Winery - Salem, OR
wine glass Eyrie Vineyards - McMinnville, OR
wine glass Fairsing Vineyard - Yamhill, OR
wine glass Faith, Hope & Charity Vineyard - Terrebonne, OR
wine glass Falk Estates Vineyards - Canyonville, OR
wine glass Ferraro Cellar - St. Paul, OR
wine glass Ferraro Family Vineyards - Roseburg, OR
wine glass Finnigan Hill Vineyard - Hillsboro, OR
wine glass Firesteed Cellars - Rickreall, OR
wine glass Flâneur Wines - Carlton, OR
wine glass Flying Dutchman Winery - Otter Rock, OR
wine glass Folin Cellars & Vineyards - Gold Hill, OR
wine glass Foon Estate Vineyard - Roseburg, OR
wine glass Force Majeure Vineyards - Milton Freewater, OR
wine glass Forest Edge Vineyard - Oregon City, OR
wine glass Foris Vineyards - Cave Junction, OR
wine glass Four Graces, The - Dundee, OR
wine glass Fox Farm Vineyards - Newberg, OR
wine glass Francis Tannahill - Amity, OR
wine glass Freed Estate Winery - Winston, OR
wine glass Freja Cellars - Hillsboro, OR
wine glass Fullerton Wines - Portland, OR
wine glass Furioso Vineyards - Dundee, OR
wine glass Garden Vineyards - Hillsboro, OR
wine glass Garnier Vineyards - Mosier, OR
wine glass Gelardi Vineyard - Cheshire, OR
wine glass Gersing Cellars - Portland, OR
wine glass Ghost Hill Cellars - Carlton, OR
wine glass Giant Oaks Winery - Finleyville , OR
wine glass Gilstrap Brothers Winery - Cove, OR
wine glass Girardet Wine Cellars - Roseburg, OR
wine glass Goodfellow Family Winery - McMinnville, OR
wine glass Gorge White House & Winery, The - Hood River, OR
wine glass Gran Moraine - Yamhill, OR
wine glass Granville Wines - Dundee, OR
wine glass Gresser Vineyard - Cornelius, OR
wine glass Grizzly Peak Winery - Ashland, OR
wine glass Grochau Cellars - Portland, OR
wine glass Gypsy Dancer Estates - Cornelius, OR
wine glass Hamacher Wines - Beaverton, OR
wine glass Hanson Vineyards - Woodburn, OR
wine glass Harper Voit Wines - Gaston, OR
wine glass Harris Bridge Vineyard - Philomath, OR
wine glass Hauer of the Dauen - Dayton, OR
wine glass Hawkins Cellars - Dundee, OR
wine glass Hawks View Cellars - Sherwood, OR
wine glass Hazelfern Cellars - Newberg, OR
wine glass Heart Catcher Wines - The Dalles, OR
wine glass Helioterra Wines - Portland, OR
wine glass Helvetia Winery and Vineyards - Hillsboro, OR
wine glass Henry Estate Winery - Umpqua, OR
wine glass High Pass Winery - Junction City, OR
wine glass Hillcrest Vineyard - Roseburg, OR
wine glass Hinman Vineyards - Eugene, OR
wine glass Hip Chicks Do Wine - Portland, OR
wine glass Hip Chicks Do Wine- Newberg Tasting Room - Newberg, OR
wine glass Hiyu Wine Farm - Hood River, OR
wine glass Holloran Vineyard Wines - West Linn, OR
wine glass Holmes Gap Vineyard - Rickreall, OR
wine glass Honeywood Winery - Salem, OR
wine glass Hood Crest Winery - Hood River, OR
wine glass Hood River Vineyards - Hood River, OR
wine glass Houston Vineyards - Eugene, OR
wine glass Hummingbird Estate - Central Point, OR
wine glass HV Cellars - Winston, OR
wine glass Hyland Estates - Dundee, OR
wine glass Idiot’s Grace Vineyards - Mosier, OR
wine glass Illahe Vineyards - Dallas, OR
wine glass Iota Cellars - Amity, OR
wine glass Iris Vineyards - Eugene, OR
wine glass Irvine & Roberts Vineyards - Ashland, OR
wine glass J Wrigley Vineyards - Sheridan, OR
wine glass J. Albin Winery (see Six Peaks Winery) - Hillsboro, OR
wine glass J. Christopher Wines - Newberg, OR
wine glass J. Scott Cellars - Eugene, OR
wine glass J.C. Somers Vintner - Carlton, OR
wine glass J.K. Carriere - Newberg, OR
wine glass J.L. Kiff Vineyard - McMinnville, OR
wine glass James Rahn Wine Company - Portland, OR
wine glass Jan-Marc Wine Cellars - Portland, OR
wine glass Jaxon Vineyards - Medford, OR
wine glass Johan Vineyards - Rickreall, OR
wine glass John Michael Champagne Cellars - Jacksonville, OR
wine glass JosephJane Winery - Roseburg, OR
wine glass K & M Wines - Carlton, OR
wine glass Kathken Vineyards - Salem, OR
wine glass Keeler Estate Vineyard - Amity, OR
wine glass Ken Wright Cellars - Carlton, OR
wine glass Ken Wright Cellars - Carlton, OR
wine glass Ken Wright Cellars - Tasting Room - Carlton, OR
wine glass King Estate Winery - Eugene, OR
wine glass King's Raven Winery - Oregon City, OR
wine glass Knostman Family Winery - Roseburg , OR
wine glass Knudsen Vineyards - Dundee, OR
wine glass Kramer Vineyard - Gaston, OR
wine glass Kriselle Cellars - White City, OR
wine glass Kristin Hill Winery - Amity, OR
wine glass L'Angolo Estate - Newberg, OR
wine glass La Chouette Vineyard - Jefferson, OR
wine glass La Velle Winery - Elmira, OR
wine glass Lachini Estate Vineyards - Newberg, OR
wine glass Lachini Vineyards - Woodinville Tasting Room - Woodinville, OR
wine glass Lady Hill Winery - Saint Paul, OR
wine glass Laelaps Wines - Portland, OR
wine glass Lange Winery - Dundee, OR
wine glass Laura Volkman Cellars - Newberg, OR
wine glass Laurel Ridge Winery - Carlton, OR
wine glass LaVelle Vineyards - Elmira, OR
wine glass Lavinea Single Vineyard Wines - Carlton, OR
wine glass Le Cadeau Vineyard - Newberg, OR
wine glass Left Coast Cellars - Rickreall, OR
wine glass Left Coast Cellars - Rickreall, OR
wine glass Lemeleson Vineyards - Carlton, OR
wine glass Lemelson Vineyards - Carlton, OR
wine glass Lenne Estate - Yamhill, OR
wine glass Lewman Vineyard - Salem, OR
wine glass lexeme Wines - Elkton, OR
wine glass Libra Balanced Wines - Carlton, OR
wine glass Lingua Franca Wines - Salem, OR
wine glass Longplay Wine - Newberg, OR
wine glass LongSword Vineyards - Jacksonville, OR
wine glass Lumos Wine Company - Philomath, OR
wine glass Lundeen Wines - McMinnville, OR
wine glass Mad Violets Wine Co. - Newberg, OR
wine glass Mahonia Vineyard - Salem, OR
wine glass Maragas Winery - Culver, OR
wine glass Marchesi Vineyards - Hood River, OR
wine glass Maresh Red Barn - Dundee, OR
wine glass Marks Ridge Winery - Sweet Home, OR
wine glass Marshall Davis Wine - Carlton, OR
wine glass MarshAnne Landing - Oakland, OR
wine glass Matteri Vineyard - Yamhill, OR
wine glass Maysara Estate Winery - McMinnville, OR
wine glass McKinlay Vineyard - Newberg, OR
wine glass Meadow Estate Vineyard & Winery - Oakland, OR
wine glass Medici Vineyards Tasting Room - Newberg, OR
wine glass Melrose Vineyards - Roseburg, OR
wine glass Merrill Cellars - Jacksonville, OR
wine glass Methven Family Vineyards - Dayton, OR
wine glass Momokawa Sake - Forest Grove, OR
wine glass Monks Gate Vineyard - Carlton, OR
wine glass Monte Ferro - Lake Oswego, OR
wine glass Montinore Vineyards - Forest Grove, OR
wine glass Morgan Meadows Vineyard - Gaston, OR
wine glass Mt. Hood Winery - Hood River, OR
wine glass Mustard Seed Cellars - Roseburg, OR
wine glass Mylan Wines - Hood River, OR
wine glass Mystic Mountain Vineyards - McMinnville, OR
wine glass Mystic Wines - Amity, OR
wine glass Naked Winery - Hood River, OR
wine glass Naked Winery West - Hood River, OR
wine glass Namaste Vineyards - Dallas, OR
wine glass Natalie's Estate Winery - Newberg, OR
wine glass Nehalem Bay Wine Company - Nehalem, OR
wine glass Nicolas-Jay - Newberg, OR
wine glass Noble Estate Vineyard & Winery - Eugene, OR
wine glass Noble Pig Vineyard & Winery - Carlton, OR
wine glass Nysa Vineyard - Dundee, OR
wine glass Oak Knoll Winery - Hillsboro, OR
wine glass Old Bridge Winery - Myrtle Point, OR
wine glass Olsen Run Winery - Harrisburg, OR
wine glass Omero Cellars - Carlton, OR
wine glass Opine Cellars - Eugene, OR
wine glass Orchard Heights Winery - Salem, OR
wine glass Ore Winery - Portland, OR
wine glass Oregon Wine Lab - Eugene, OR
wine glass Oswego Hills Vineyard & Winery - West Linn, OR
wine glass Owen Roe Winery - Newberg, OR
wine glass Pamplin Family Winery - Dundee, OR
wine glass Panache Cellars - Philomath, OR
wine glass Panther Creek Cellars - Dundee, OR
wine glass Paschal Winery - Talent, OR
wine glass Patricia Green Cellars - Newberg, OR
wine glass Patton Valley Vineyard - Gaston, OR
wine glass Paul O’Brien Winery - Roseburg, OR
wine glass Pazzo Collina Winery - Oakland, OR
wine glass Pebblestone Cellars / Ellis Vineyards - Medford, OR
wine glass Pebblestone Cellars, The - Medford, OR
wine glass Penner-Ash Wine Cellars - Newberg, OR
wine glass Pete's Mountain Vineyard & Winery - West Linn, OR
wine glass Pfeiffer Winery - Junction City, OR
wine glass Pheasant Court Winery - Philomath, OR
wine glass Pheasant Run Winery - Aurora, OR
wine glass Pheasant Valley Winery - Hood River, OR
wine glass Phelps Creek Vineyards - Hood River, OR
wine glass Piluso Vineyard and Winery - Aumsville, OR
wine glass Pines 1852, The - Hood River, OR
wine glass Plaisance Ranch - Williams, OR
wine glass Plum Hill Vineyards - Gaston, OR
wine glass Ponzi Vineyards - Sherwood, OR
wine glass Portland Wine Company - Portland, OR
wine glass Potter's Vineyard and Laura Volkman Wines - Newberg, OR
wine glass Prive Vineyard & Winery - Newberg, OR
wine glass Provincial Vineyards - Forest Grove, OR
wine glass Pudding River Wine Cellars - Salem, OR
wine glass Pudding River Wine Cellars - Silverton Tasting Room - Silverton, OR
wine glass Purple Cow Vineyards - Newberg, OR
wine glass Purple Hands Wine - Dundee, OR
wine glass Quady North - Jacksonville, OR
wine glass Quail Run Vineyards - Talent, OR
wine glass Quailhurst Vineyard Estate - Sherwood, OR
wine glass Quenett Cellars - The Dalles , OR
wine glass Quintet Cellars - Lake Oswego , OR
wine glass R. Stuart & Co. Winery - McMinnville, OR
wine glass R. Stuart & Co. Winery - Wine Bar - McMinnville, OR
wine glass Rain Dance Vineyards - Newberg, OR
wine glass RainSong Vineyard - Cheshire, OR
wine glass Rallison Cellars - Sherwood, OR
wine glass Rambouillet Vineyard - Dundee, OR
wine glass Ransom Wines & Spirits - Sheridan, OR
wine glass Raptor Ridge Winery - Newberg, OR
wine glass Résonance Wines - Carlton, OR
wine glass Red Hills Cellars - Medford, OR
wine glass Red Lily Vineyards - Jacksonville, OR
wine glass Redgate Winery - Independence, OR
wine glass Redhawk Vineyard & Winery - Salem, OR
wine glass Redman Wines - Newberg, OR
wine glass Rellik Winery - Central Point, OR
wine glass Remy Wines - McMinnville, OR
wine glass Retour Winery - McMinnville, OR
wine glass Reustle - Prayer Rock Vineyards - Roseburg, OR
wine glass Reustle-Prayer Rock Vineyards - Roseburg, OR
wine glass Rex Hill Vineyards - Newberg, OR
wine glass Ribbon Ridge Vineyard - Carlton, OR
wine glass Ribera Vineyards - West Linn, OR
wine glass Risdall Ranch Winery - Forest Grove, OR
wine glass River's Edge Winery - Elkton, OR
wine glass Rizzo Winery - Salem, OR
wine glass Rocky Knoll Winery (Dunbar Farms) - Medford, OR
wine glass Rocky Point Cellars - Carlton, OR
wine glass ROCO Winery - Newberg, OR
wine glass Rosella's Vineyard and Winery - Grants Pass, OR
wine glass RoxyAnn Winery - Medford, OR
wine glass RR Winery - Newberg, OR
wine glass Ruby Vineyard - Hillsboro, OR
wine glass Saffron Fields Vineyard - Yamhill,, OR
wine glass Saginaw Vineyard - Cottage Grove, OR
wine glass Saké One - Forest Grove , OR
wine glass Samuel Robert Winery - Amity, OR
wine glass Sarver Winery - Eugene, OR
wine glass Sass Winery - Salem, OR
wine glass Schmidt Family Vineyards - Grants Pass, OR
wine glass Schultz Wines - Grants Pass, OR
wine glass Season Cellars - Winston, OR
wine glass Seufert Winery - Dayton, OR
wine glass Seven Bridges Winery - Portland, OR
wine glass Seven of Hearts - Carlton, OR
wine glass Shallon Winery - Astoria, OR
wine glass Shea Wine Cellars - Newberg, OR
wine glass Siltstone Wines - Carlton, OR
wine glass Silvan Ridge Winery - Eugene, OR
wine glass Silver Falls Vineyards - Sublimity, OR
wine glass Sineann Winery - St Paul, OR
wine glass Sineann/Medici Winery - Tasting Room - St. Paul, OR
wine glass Six Peaks Winery (formerly J. Albin) - Hillsboro, OR
wine glass Slagle Creek Vineyards - Grants Pass, OR
wine glass Sno Road Winery - Echo, OR
wine glass Sokol Blosser Vineyards - Dundee, OR
wine glass Soléna Estate - Yamhill, OR
wine glass Soléna Estate - Carlton - Carlton, OR
wine glass Soloro Vineyard - Grants Pass, OR
wine glass Soter Vineyards - Carlton, OR
wine glass South Stage Cellars - Jacksonville, OR
wine glass Spangler Vineyards - Roseburg, OR
wine glass Spire Mountain Cellars - Oakland , OR
wine glass Springhill Cellars - Albany, OR
wine glass St. Innocent Winery - Salem, OR
wine glass St. Josef's Winery - Canby, OR
wine glass Stag Hollow Wines & Vineyards - Yamhill, OR
wine glass Stangeland Vineyards & Winery - Salem, OR
wine glass Stave & Stone Wine Estates - Hood River, OR
wine glass Stoller Vineyard & Winery - Dayton, OR
wine glass Stoltz Vineyards - Hood River, OR
wine glass Stone Circle Cider - Estacada , OR
wine glass Stone Griffon Vineyard - Carlton, OR
wine glass StoneRiver Vineyard & Winery - Talent, OR
wine glass Stringers Orchard Wild Plum Winery - New Pine Creek, OR
wine glass Styring Vineyards - Newberg, OR
wine glass SummerField Vineyards - Eugene, OR
wine glass Suzor Wines - McMinnville, OR
wine glass Sweet Cheeks Winery - Eugene, OR
wine glass Sweet Earth Vineyards - Monroe, OR
wine glass TeBri Vineyards & Lavender - Monroe, OR
wine glass Tendril Wine Cellars - Gaston, OR
wine glass Tero Estates - Milton Freewater, OR
wine glass Terra Vina Wines - McMinnville, OR
wine glass Terrapin Cellars - Salem, OR
wine glass Territorial Vineyards & Wine Company - Eugene, OR
wine glass Tertulia Cellars - Dundee, OR
wine glass TeSoAria Vineyard & Winery - Roseburg, OR
wine glass Thistle Wines - Dundee, OR
wine glass Toluca Lane - Amity, OR
wine glass Torii Mor Winery - Dundee, OR
wine glass Trella Vineyards - Roseburg, OR
wine glass Treos Winery - Monmouth, OR
wine glass Trinity Vineyards - Salem, OR
wine glass Triple Oak Vineyard - Oakland, OR
wine glass Trisaetum - Newberg, OR
wine glass Trium Winery - Talent, OR
wine glass Troon Vineyard - Grants Pass, OR
wine glass Troon Vineyard - Carlton - Carlton, OR
wine glass Trout Lily Ranch - Newberg, OR
wine glass Tualatin Estate Vineyard - Forest Grove, OR
wine glass Twin Fir Vineyards - Salem, OR
wine glass Tyee Wine Cellars - Corvallis, OR
wine glass Upper Five Vineyard - Talent, OR
wine glass Utopia Vineyards - Newberg, OR
wine glass Valhalla Winery - Veneta, OR
wine glass Valley View Winery - Jacksonville, OR
wine glass Van Duzer Vineyards - Dallas, OR
wine glass Varnum Vintners - Amity, OR
wine glass Vidon Vineyard - Newberg, OR
wine glass Viento Wines - Hood River, OR
wine glass Villa Catalana Cellars - Oregon City, OR
wine glass Vincent Wine Company - Portland, OR
wine glass VinTyr - Amity, OR
wine glass Viola Wine Cellars - Portland, OR
wine glass Vista Hills Winery - Dayton, OR
wine glass Vitae Springs Vineyard - Salem, OR
wine glass Vitis Ridge - Silverton, OR
wine glass Volare Vineyard - Newberg, OR
wine glass Volcano Vineyards - Bend, OR
wine glass VX (Vercingetorix) Vineyard at Willamette Farms - Newberg, OR
wine glass Walnut City Wineworks - McMinnville, OR
wine glass Walnut Ridge Vineyard - Junction City, OR
wine glass Walter Scott Wine - Salem , OR
wine glass Watermill Winery & Estate Vineyard - Milton-Freewater, OR
wine glass Weisinger's of Ashland - Ashland, OR
wine glass Welsh Family Wines - Portland, OR
wine glass Westrey Wine Company - McMinnville, OR
wine glass Whiskey Hill Winery - Canby , OR
wine glass White Rose Estate - Dayton, OR
wine glass Wild Wines - Jacksonville, OR
wine glass WildAire Cellars - Carlton, OR
wine glass WillaKenzie Estate Winery - Yamhill, OR
wine glass Willamette Valley Vineyards - Turner, OR
wine glass Willamette Valley Vineyards at Tualatin Estate - Forest Grove, OR
wine glass Willful Wine Company - Portland,, OR
wine glass William Hatcher Wines - Newberg, OR
wine glass William Rose Winery / Bootlegger Wines - Eugene, OR
wine glass Winderlea Vineyard & Winery - Dundee, OR
wine glass Winter's Hill Vineyard - Dayton, OR
wine glass Witness Tree Vineyard - Salem, OR
wine glass Wooden Shoe Vineyards Tasting Room - Woodburn, OR
wine glass WooHoo Winery - Raymond, OR
wine glass Woolridge Creek Vineyard - Grants Pass, OR
wine glass Woven Wineworks Tasting Room - Portland, OR
wine glass Wy'East Vineyards - Hood River, OR
wine glass Yamhill Valley Vineyards - McMinnville, OR
wine glass Youngberg Hill Vineyards - McMinnville, OR
wine glass Zenith Vineyard - Salem, OR
wine glass Zerba Cellars - Dundee Tasting Room - Dundee, OR
wine glass Zerba Cellars - Milton-Freewater Tasting Room - Milton-Freewater, OR
wine glass Zimri Cellars - Newberg, OR

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