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Vineyard Weddings

Destination weddings at a vineyard or winery are becoming extremely popular in the United States. More and more people decide to celebrate their special day with the lush backdrop of vibrant, green vines, complete with fresh wine. CatchWine makes it easy to locate the perfect vineyard for your wedding or reception, turning your dream into a reality!

Find a Wedding Vineyard

First, think geographically about where you'd like your vineyard wedding to take place. Do you want it close to home, in a popular location such as Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard, or far far away on the beautiful island of Hawaii. With wineries in every state and more wineries and vineyards popping up all the time, there's sure to be a location that suits your needs and budget.

Next, browse CatchWine for wineries meeting your criteria. We make it easy to narrow down your selections by displaying a map alongside each winery, instantly giving you an idea of what's around and so you can plan transportation and lodging. A number of nearby wineries/vineyards are also listed to help you find different vineyard in the same geographic area.

Contact the Vineyard

After you've created a list of possible vineyards, contact the owners by phone or e-mail to determine if they will be able to accommodate a wedding. Make sure to have a general idea of the number of guests you expect.

Visit the Vineyard

With the remaining list of vineyards, plan visits to each to meet with the owner in person to discuss possibilities. The best time to visit the winery grounds would be the same time you plan your wedding so you can determine light conditions and location of the sun. Make sure to keep in mind parking, accessibility, restrooms, and inclimite weather plans.

Make Wedding Arrangements

After your visits, compare the vineyards and determine which one works best for your vineyard wedding. Then, contact the owner and reserve the date and time. Additionally, you'll want to coordinate with your wedding photographer and flower deliver person of your perfect vineyard location.