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J. Maki Winerywine glass

Contact Information

200 Grove Road
Elverson, PA 19520
Pennsylvania Wine
Wine Tasting
Due to COVID please contact winery directly and confirm before visiting
Tasting offered: Yes
Mon-Wed: No hours specified
Thu-Fri: 12:30pm - 4:30pm
Sat: 11:00am - 5:00pm
Sun: 12:30pm - 4:30pm
Closed Christmas, New Years' Day, Easter and Thanksgiving.

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Winery Journal

Wine: 1 stars Winery: 1 stars Ambiance: 1 starsMay 30, 2012

Favorite Wine: none

I actually the place must have improved because the reviews I read were a year old. WRONG! As soon as we asked about the $30 wine tasting fee the owner became defensive & rude. He was very full of himself & argumentative. We couldn't even ask a question. We left without tasting. He yelled at us as we walked to the car. It was unbelievable.

Wine: 1 stars Winery: 1 stars Ambiance: 1 starsJan 04, 2012

Favorite Wine: Not sure...didn't get enough of a tasting sample to know what we liked...

I happen to agree with every single negative comment made about J. Maki winery. My girlfriend and I set out for a PA wine trail, and this happened to be our first stop. What a terrible way to start off the trip, however we were glad to get it over with as we ended up enjoying every other winery we attended. This place made a mockery out of wineries in general. We were instantly placed with an ultimatum of either buying a bottle of their sub-par wine, or paying a rediculous $30 tasting fee per person. We decided to stay, like idiots, and try it out anyway. We split a tasting so it wouldn't cost us $60! Bad idea too. The girl at the counter was so afraid to pour any liquid into our glass that she would literally shake as she poured. We could barely see what was in the glass, let alone taste it. I remember thinking, "I hope all PA wineries aren't like this". Nope, just this one. The girl was semi-nice, yet snobby and quite dry. I've read a lot about this jerk owner they have, however we didn't see him there...probably better off. The "wine buyer's only" sign as you drive up is a joke to begin with, and then you don't only leave feeling robbed, but you don't even get the experience you intended on in the first place. It was a very cold experience, so cold that we could not wait to get home to write a negative review. We were extremely happy to see many negative reviews written already. Also, from what we learned on the remainder of our trip, they seem to be getting a worse reputation as time goes on. Getting back to the tasting, it was the cheapest one we have ever attended, however the most expensive! She poured about a quarter of an ounce in the glass for us to share! It was totally rediculous. By the end, feeling trapped and screwed, we bought a bottle from them just to not have to pay the $30 tasting fee. Honestly, for all we know the wine may taste like crap when we open it because the tasting did nothing for us. I can probably go on all night about how terrible they were, but please take this review and trust in it, and do not ever attend this winery, unless of course you want to waste your time and get robbed. It's an absolute joke that they call themselves a business. We have been to wineries all over the country and this one was by far the worst. Wine lovers beware...this place sucks. Do yourselves a favor and drive right by it.

Wine: 1 stars Winery: 1 stars Ambiance: 1 starsNov 29, 2011

Our expierence at J. Maki Winery was aweful! The woman who served us was terribly snobby and for no reason - apparently their champaign won an award in France in the 90s (!) and that is reason for them to believe their you know what doesn't stink. We were forced into purchasing an additional bottle of wine because my husband and I both sampled a few - and the samples were the stingiest amounts I've ever seen! It was difficult to even smell the wine in the glass there was barely a sip poured. If you are looking for a relaxing trip to a nice winery and to be waited on by polite people who are eager to interact with you, I would not recommend waisting the time to go here. Unfortunately our expierence with the people was so poor, I can't even give the wine a decent rating.

Wine: 2 stars Winery: 1 stars Ambiance: 2 starsNov 28, 2011

Favorite Wine: VSP was acceptable enough to purchase

This is an open plea to the proprietor/winemakers: I understand the desire to warn off the drunken bachelorette party bus types from seeking out another outlet to maintain their wine buzz. It is with great disappointment however, that I must share with you my feelings on your service toward the general public who are looking for a genuine and authentic Pennsylvania winery experience, and to perhaps learn something to better their appreciation of finer wines. Welcome your patrons as they enter the door, even if you are unable to attend to them immediately. $30 for a tasting is a bit steep for even the middle class wallet - reward those who DO taste with a little more than 1/8 of an ounce. (I measured it) A half ounce is just enough to get a better sense of the wine and allow it to open up as you sip. Take a moment to give some details - what makes each vintage/varietal unique. Kindly offer a pitcher of water for rinsing and/or refreshing one's palette. A small courtesy that goes a very long way. A smile now and again speaks volumes; try to look as if you enjoy what you do. On the day I visited, this was certainly not the case. Lastly, and the most important - please keep the condescending comments for after you flip the closed sign. I observed many back handed "compliments" and patronizing humor(less) quips intended to belittle patrons without their realizing. "Don't confuse fame with success. Madonna is one; Helen Keller is the other." -Erma Bombeck

Wine: 1 stars Winery: 1 stars Ambiance: 1 starsNov 21, 2011

We visited J Maki. The estate is spectacular, that's where it ends. From the "Wine buyers only" sign to the ingenouos "Thanks for stopping by" as we were basically invited to leave, it was a horrible experience. Admittedly, I am not very experienced with wine muchless high snootin' wines or wineries and they are content to keep it that way. We take the wine tours, not to have a drunkfest, but to gain experience. J Maki is apparently doing well enough without me and "my kind" becsause they seemd to be annoyed at our presence. They took what had promised to be an enjoyable time and turned it into something extremely the opposite. I will advise anyone I know to steer clear of the place and they should be removed from the pamphlet to save anyone else from the embarrasment.

Wine: 1 stars Winery: 1 stars Ambiance: 1 starsNov 19, 2011

Favorite Wine: None - I did not get enough to taste to decide

We tired J Maci winery today. Awful experience. The tastings were SO small - the owner(who ended up insulting me) said they were 1/2 an oz but they were even smaller than that. And they were $30 unless you bought one bottle per tasting. The owner said if I had a better palate the size of the tastings would be enough and that the other wineries in PA cater to people who just want to get drunk. Nice - I have never been so insulted. If they want to claim they pour 1/2 oz, they should get stoppers for the wine bottles. The woman pouring today poured more on the counter than in our glasses.

Wine: 1 stars Winery: 1 stars Ambiance: 1 starsJul 06, 2011

Couldn't agree more with all these comments! My husband and I live nearby and stopped there several years ago - the woman was in there and we had an "okay" experience. She was at least friendly to us, albeit pompous. This past weekend we were on our way back from Pittsburgh and figured we would stop in since it was on our way back home. The view is amazing, but as you pull in, the first sign of rudeness is the sign that says "Private Property: Wine Tasters Only." Or something like that. Now when we visited several years ago we remembered they had had a dog in the tasting room. We had our dog in the car with us. Considering we had just drove in from Pittsburgh and considering we had seen a dog IN the tasting room before, and considering we were about to spend money, we figured a little explanation would at least allow us to stand inside with our dog long enough to taste some overpriced wine and decide which one we were going to waste our money on. WRONG! I waited outside with the dog and sent my husband in to try to talk to the owner and see what we were allowed to do. The man was there this time, and he wouldn't even look up at or acknowledge my husband when he walked in because his pompous self was too busy talking to other clients - so I waited out in the car with the dog since it was literally 90 degrees. I left my dog outside and went in for a second to use the restroom - again, I had just spent 5 hours in the car - and the owner literally glared at me the whole time. By the time he finally acknowledged my husband he said no we were absolutely not allowed in the winery with the dog. Don't know if he's just pompous or has social anxiety disorder. He then tells my husband that their dog is only allowed in their because he's their "worker dog" and he chases all the deer away. Okaaaay - so a "worker dog" means it magically doesn't shed in the tasting room??? WTH does that have to do with anything? And let me tell you - I sat outside and pet that dog when it slowly meandered/limped outside and then plopped down on the sidewalk and didn't move . . . that dog is a sweetheart alright, but I can't imagine that dog chasing deer away with any more efficiency than a snail! So they don't tell you the prices of any of the wines that you are tasting, but they DO tell you you have to pay for the tasting if you don't buy anything. Well their wines are so gross I'm SURE no one would buy their wines if they didn't have this dumb rule! So my husband tastes some wines, has to CALL ME on my cell phone as I'm standing outside because remember I'm not allowed back inside now, decides to buy 2 wines he's barely tasted just to get the heck out of that awkward and uncomfortable situation, only to find out at check out that it's 80-freaking-dollars. DO NOT GO HERE!!!! We get home that night and he gives me the white to try - I literally almost spit it out it was so gross. We spent the rest of the night drinking a $4.99 bottle of wine that was imported ACROSS THE PACIFIC OCEAN from Australia and was exponentially better than the wine from J. Maki.

Wine: 4 stars Winery: 4 stars Ambiance: 4 starsApr 20, 2011

Favorite Wine: 2002 VSP

We enjoyed a great visit at J Maki Winery. Elegant tasting room; friendly service, took home Maki Champagne, 2 Chardonnays, and some of the VSP wine we really enjoyed. Lovely vintner gave us a personal tour.

Shubhra Bhanot

Location: ny

Wine: 5 stars Winery: 5 stars Ambiance: 5 starsApr 12, 2011

I really don't know what is everybody complaining about. My boyfriend and I were on the way back to New York from Lancaster County PA and saw the billboard for JMaki . So we decided to stop by to see I we find something good. Sure enough we did. The owner was really nice , we tasted several wines. We walked out we 3 sparkling and 2 red , which my dad and his dad loved . We are going back to PA this weekend and plan on stopping there again.......

Shubhra Bhanot

Location: ny

Wine: 5 stars Winery: 5 stars Ambiance: 5 starsApr 12, 2011

Wine: 1 stars Winery: 1 stars Ambiance: 1 starsMar 06, 2011

Favorite Wine: didnt even get to taste it, so rude

It is a total shame. the place, gorgeous. The view, incredible. The people that own and work here...HORRID. It is the worst experience. Not worth your time and efforts. If only the owner would listen to the advice given by numerous people this place could be amazing. But they wont. Head so far up their own, pompous and delusional rears, that they cant see the potential. Owner should become a silent partner and concentrate on wine making and being a better business person. The guy that is always there the sooo called sommelier should be fired. rude, rude, rude.

Wine: 1 stars Winery: 1 stars Ambiance: 1 starsFeb 22, 2011

This place was the worst tasting I have ever had. I should have known when they said you need to buy a bottle of WAY over priced wine or pay $30 for a tasting. But I felt a little odd just walking out so my husband and I stayed. The owner was the rudest and sexist jerk I have ever met. He served us the stingiest tastings while making these sexist remarks to me that because I was a woman I probably only like sweet white wine or that I could handle their Pinot. He also made some rude comment about Asians. Not cool at all. I have been to dozens of tasting and Havv traveled to France and have never been so insulted and felt so horrible leaving this place. Don't go here ever!!! Oh and he speaks so highly of himself and how he grows all his own grapes yet calls HIS sparkling wine champange!!! Umm get off your high horse, anyone knows that's not correct. Horrible place with horrible people and over price wine from the few drops I was allowed to taste.

Wine: 1 stars Winery: 1 stars Ambiance: 1 starsSep 20, 2010

Favorite Wine: didn't have a chance to taste

I had the worst experience I've ever had at a winery and I've been to many in the US and abroad. I was treated unbelievably rudely by the owner as soon as I stepped in the door all because I asked if I could put my empty gelato cup in a trash can. When he refused I quietly left and began talking in the parking lot to 4 women who had just arrived and quickly left, kind of comparing notes on his apparent arrogance. The owner came charging out the door,pointing at me and loudly and aggressively ordering me off his property,take my trash with me, never come back,etc. It was truly shocking! He needn't worry about me returning and I am telling all my wine-loving friends to stay away. I don't care how many award-winning wines they've had. There are too many lovely wineries with gracious and welcoming owners and staff to waste your time and money at J Maki.

Wine: 1 stars Winery: 1 stars Ambiance: 1 starsJul 06, 2010

If I were able to give this winery a lower score than 1 star, I certainly would. This will teach me to read reviews before visiting a winery. The owners were rude and pompous, the "requirement" to purchase wine for each person who does a tasting or pay $20 for literally 3 drops of wine is offensive. The wife was an ogre to two children there with their parents, who were terrified to move a muscle. The continuous mention of the two awards won years ago was also annoying. I am mystified by the couple that owns this place. Why do you open your winery to people when you obviously hate the public? I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS WINERY TO ANYONE.

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