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Keswick Vineyardswine glass

Contact Information

1575 Keswick Winery Drive
Keswick, VA 22947
Virginia Wine
Virginia Wine Tour
E-mail WineryEmptyVirginia Wineries
Wine Tasting
Due to COVID please contact winery directly and confirm before visiting
Tasting offered: Yes
Price: $10.00
Mon-Sun: 9:00am - 5:00pm
closed on major holidays. Group Tasting rates are $10.00 for the Regular menu and a Keswick Vineyards Souvenir Glass is included in your Group Tasting fee.

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Winery Journal

Larry Ruhlman

Location: AL

Wine: 4 stars Winery: 5 stars Ambiance: 4 starsJul 28, 2016

Favorite Wine: Trevillian

Visited winery in July 2016. Wine tasting fee is $10 to taste 5 wines, much more than most wineries (and that didn't include a glass). Wines were very good, staff was friendly and very knowledgeable. We purchased a bottle of Trevillian (white wine).

Wine: 4 stars Winery: 3 stars Ambiance: 3 starsFeb 19, 2014

Wine: 4 stars Winery: 3 stars Ambiance: 1 starsJun 21, 2010

Favorite Wine: Consensus 2008

I was a little disappointed to find out the tasting room was not any where near the historical house that is on their wine labels. We were able to catch the place on a slow day with the place to ourselves. The gal behind the beautiful wooden bar was warm and very nice. I love the story about how the vineyard comes up with the Consensus wine. I don't want to ruin it for others but it is worth asking about when you visit. We love the Chocolate Norton sauce...yummy!!!

Wine: 1 stars Winery: 3 stars Ambiance: 4 starsJan 06, 2010

Norton Wine Review: Before glaring at my low starred review, please understand that this is a review for only Keswick's Norton wine. Offered were several acceptable wines, but we bought none other than their fair-at-best Norton wine. We had expected more of this Norton wine by descriptions/reviews we had read online. In fact we were so disappointed in what we tasted, (thinking maybe they had not let the wine breathe, or maybe this was just a fluke to what was being served) that we purchased a couple Norton bottles @$21 to try at home. To our amazement, our first impressions confirmed our later attempts in serving this wine. At home our guests graciously asked for an alternative to Keswick's Norton. I don't think putting this bottle down for a few years will really help as suggested by our salesperson/host.

Wine: 5 stars Winery: 5 stars Ambiance: 5 starsNov 09, 2009

Favorite Wine: Norton & Verdjo

I love Keswick! The many things offered to wine club members is fantastic. Great fun at a great place with great people. The wine of course is superb - and tasting all the new additions in their tasting room is one of my favorite things to do in all honesty. It's like spending time with family, the people make you feel welcomed, and they are really glad you are there. They know their stuff and I buy the wine with complete confidence. Love Keswick!!

Wine: 5 stars Winery: 5 stars Ambiance: 5 starsFeb 03, 2009

Arcady Tours loves coming to Keswick! Great wines, and they also have a delicious wine infused chocolate sauce and truffles! Their wine club does lots of great activities as well, like a wine blending competition for the menmbers.

Wayne Swafford

Location: TN

Wine: 4 stars Winery: 4 stars Ambiance: 5 starsJul 19, 2008

Favorite Wine: Norton

Very nice atmosphere and very informative tasting. We are new to the wine scene and the person who helped us with the tasting was very patient and worked well with us.

Wine: 5 stars Winery: 3 stars Ambiance: 3 starsJan 27, 2008

Favorite Wine: Heritage

Keswick is one of our favorite wineries in VA. Their wines are consistently first rate -- they have some great powerhouse reds that are real standouts. Try the easy drinking Trevillian, the more full bodied Touriga, or the Heritage. Hints of smoke, dark, earthy -- superb; but we're big fans so probably a bit biased. Less complimentary? Okay: the tasting room can get crowded, often there's a line to sample the wines, and they run sales behind the same crowded tasting counter which we fine a little annoying. Still, in the summer you have some escape options: they have a couple nice spots on the porch and outside overlooking the pond where you can enjoy a glass of wine with friends.

Wine: 4 stars Winery: 4 stars Ambiance: 3 starsApr 23, 2007

The wines at this vineyard are made with a lot of love! Good wine and good people make for a nice experience. The individual who did the tasting for us had a lot of great stories to share.

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