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The Norton Wine Traveler's Wine Journal

Jan 04, 2010
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Former military pilot and retired educator enjoying life with rhododendrons, magnolias, travels, and Norton wine explorations. Recommended reading of Norton wines is Todd Kliman's The Wild Vine.

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Gadino Cellars (added Jul 11, 2022)
Little Washington Winery (added Jul 11, 2022)
Quievremont Winery (added Jul 11, 2022)
Lake Anna Winery (added Oct 19, 2020)
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Latest Wine Journal Entries

Gadino Cellars (written Jul 11, 2022)
Wine: 4 stars Winery: 4 stars Ambiance: 4 stars
How much fun to find this winery relatively close to our lodge along the National Park's Skyline Drive. Planted in the early 1990s and opened to the public in 2007, this vineyard offers vinifera tastings from dry wines to a royal sweet port. The draw here for us was a 'tower' tasting of their Virginia Governor Cup gold medal winning Nebbiolo. The 2016 $40 light color example may develop way, ~ way down the road in time. The $48, 13.7% alc 2015 Nebbiolo was the darkest in expected color and should be rocking by 2026. What we purchased was Gadino's $47 2017 medium-dark colored 78% Nebbiolo, 22% combination of Petit Verdot, Cab Franc and Merlot. A nicely balanced wine approachable today and in a few years should continue to evolve gracefully. / Please ask for handicap entrance accessibility.

Quievremont Winery (written Jul 11, 2022)
Wine: 3 stars Winery: 4 stars Ambiance: 5 stars
Quiévremont Winery is yet another charming, not hard to find, new vineyard setting near the National Park Skyline Drive access gate. Interestingly, offered are several rosé & rouge wines plus Meritage examples of estate blendings of Petit Verdot, Cab Sauv, Cab Franc and either Merlot/Malbec grapes. Though only planted in 2016, we found their 2021 Petit Manseng already producing a uniquely drier, crisp alternative to cold climate Rieslings. Will Petit Manseng eventually replace Viognier as Virginia's state grape? / Thank you for generous 6 & 12 bottle and military discounts.

Little Washington Winery (written Jul 11, 2022)
Wine: 2 stars Winery: 3 stars Ambiance: 3 stars
Three choices of wine tastings (Little Washington Wines, Virginia Vintners Collection, Iconic Masterpiece Blends). We opted for the estate wines. We found a bright $29 Viognier-Vidal Blanc blend, a non characteristic 2016 $32 Merlot, a 2017 $32 Cab Franc with a good nose, but lacked follow through and an annual production of 'George'. This 2017 $49 Meritage (Cab Sauv, Cab Franc, Merlot and a dash of Petit Verdot) was unique enough to purchase as a Virginia 'souvenir' wine. The Inn's setting is beautiful along a long poorly maintained rural road , but the tasting room was little more than a basement salesroom.

Laurentia Vineyard & Winery (written Apr 08, 2022)
Wine: 3 stars Winery: 4 stars Ambiance: 5 stars
3 wines w/generous tasting for $9. Only red tasted was a light structured, drink now Cabernet Sauvignon. As for white wines, tried was a no real character Gewurztraminer and a slight citrus flavored Riesling. Appreciated was a real effort by Laurentia during covid restricted era to separate patrons as best as possible into separated seating areas.

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