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Sarah's Vineyardwine glass

Contact Information

1274 W Steels Corners Road
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
Ohio Wine
E-mail WineryEmptyOhio Wineries
Wine Tasting
Due to COVID please contact winery directly and confirm before visiting
Tasting offered: Yes
Price: $10.00
Mon-Tue: No hours specified
Wed-Thu: 11:00am - 9:00pm
Fri-Sat: 11:00am - 10:30pm
Sun: 1:00pm - 8:00pm
Monday & Tuesday: Closed Friday & Saturday until 11pm Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas day, New Years day & Easter

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Winery Journal

Wine: 1 stars Winery: 2 stars Ambiance: 3 starsSep 04, 2016

Favorite Wine: Vidal Blanc

Tastings here cost 50 cents per sample. Okay, I can live with that. However, the staff that was working the day we stopped by didn't seem to know anything about the wines or what differentiated one from another. I mean, I can read the description on the wine list; I don't need that regurgitated back to me. Tell me the story behind the wine. Surely there is one. The front garden has picnic tables with umbrellas and is a pleasant place to sample the wines on a sunny day. There's also a large seating area off the back of the main building that overlooks the vineyard. The tasting room is fairly large with a lot of tables and as it neared 5 p.m., I understood why. The winery serves food, and after 5 p.m. you can order fire baked pizza. When I went inside at approximately 6 p.m. to pay my tab, I could swear that I was in a hip wine bar restaurant; people were bellying up to the bar to buy glasses and bottles of wine and staffers were taking food orders. You'll notice I haven't mentioned the quality of the wine. The only wine we could stomach was the "Wine of the Month," their Vidal Blanc. 'Nuff said. Time to head to Winery at Wolf Creek.

Wine: 1 stars Winery: 4 stars Ambiance: 3 starsApr 16, 2012

Very nice...didnt care for the wine though.

Wine: 4 stars Winery: 5 stars Ambiance: 5 starsMar 25, 2012

Favorite Wine: Golden Solstice

Wine: 1 stars Winery: 1 stars Ambiance: 1 starsAug 18, 2011

My sister and I had the most terrible experience at this establishment. I will tell you it is one we never will forget and also why I will never be visiting there again. We sell jewelry for a direct sales company called Premier Designs Jewelry and this past weekend we hosted an open house for our friends and family there. Saturday we were there and set up all of our jewelry on one of their tables inside. I had called and made reservations prior to coming in and everything worked out superbly. That evening, knowing that they were calling for rain the next day, I made a reservation for the following day at 1pm. She told me that they might have to put us up stairs or in the front. Not a problem. We show up the next day with our jewelry in tow and they show us to a table in the middle of the floor were a table had been reserved for us. Great. One of the staff members was so kind to help my sister and I bring in our things. The owner and staff watched as we set everything up. We then ordered a sandwich and a carafe of wine while we waited for our guests to arrive. The owner then came to our table and with disgust in his voice told us that he might have to ask us to move….he can’t have us taking up a table on a busy Sun. afternoon “for a jewelry party” (jewelry said with absolute disgust). Both my sister and I remained pleasant and responded that’s OK just let us know. At that point I turned to my sister and said why so much disdain? We continued to wait for our guest not 20 minutes later he returned angrier than before again with disgust in his voice he said “You need to move…This is ridiculous…I can’t believe you would do this to me. I can’t have you taking up this table…I am going to be real busy in here.” I asked him, “Ok , but why the hostility?” His response was, “I can’t believe you would do this to me.” and he walked away. At that point my sister and I in total shock of the way we had just been talked to and treated by a total stranger started packing up our stuff to leave. After feeling very much attacked we decided to contact all of our friends and call the party off, he didn’t deserve our business or the business of any of our friends. Needless to say I would not want to put any of my friends or family around such an unpredictable man. Besides it was bad enough he had already embarrassed us in front of everyone in earshot. My sister went to close our tab and told the staff members that we might have some of our friends that we could not get a hold of looking for us. The staff said, “he is mad at his wife, he is having a bad day, and is took it out on us. Needless to say that excuse didn’t suffice. He was so confused that we would do this to him…what invite 20 of our friends and to come there and purchase wine and food from his establishment. . I might add that we spoke with many of the customers there, mainly because they inquired what the big deal was and one very kind women even gave us both hugs before she left because she felt so bad. The staff continued to apologize for his behavior. I can maybe understand were he was coming from as far as seating goes and would have been most obliged to move…take the customer/owner equation out of the situation and I can say that he had no right to talk to us that way. I was attacked.

Jennifer Rodgers

Location: Oh

Wine: 3 stars Winery: 4 stars Ambiance: 3 starsFeb 17, 2011

Favorite Wine: Blue Heron Blush

We visited this winery for the first time on Saturday Feb 12. The atmosphere was relaxing and intimate. The service was ok until I asked the question'What kind of cheese do you offer? She replied "American Cheese, I then replied, excuse me? She then offered White American Cheese or Swiss Cheese....We thought for a minute "WHAT"?? Never mind...Have you ever been offered American Cheese at a winery? Do they even make American Cheese in a block????? Needeless to say we went from having a great time to wondering "WHAT THE...." She later came back with a plate of mild cheddar cheese and crackers...HUMM???? Please help us in understanding why/how American Cheese would even be served at a winery.

Elise Smith

Location: OH

Wine: 5 stars Winery: 5 stars Ambiance: 5 starsAug 15, 2010

Favorite Wine: Hampton Hills

We have been to many Ohio wineries, and Sarah's Vineyard is the best. Great wine and a delicious menu in a lovely setting.

Jeff Jones

Location: OH

Wine: 5 stars Winery: 5 stars Ambiance: 5 starsAug 15, 2010

Favorite Wine: Cuyahoga Valley Reserve

People love Sarah’s Vineyard – not only because of the excellent wine, atmosphere, and food (the pizza on Wednesday and Thursday is the best in town), but because of the warm and welcome feeling you get as soon as you walk in the door. Margaret and Mike Lytz, along with their excellent staff, do a great job of making you feel at home.

Wine: 1 stars Winery: 1 stars Ambiance: 1 starsJul 27, 2010

Favorite Wine: Cuyhoga Valley Reserve is the only one I could stand

I will never return to this establishment. Last Thursday my Father and his Fiance held their rehersal dinner here, and everything seemed fine to me until my wife and I wandered inside after it started raining to witness the Owner (Margeret) berating the planner that my Father had hired to set up the dinner. She did nothing wrong that I could see, but the owner literally said "You are the worst wedding planner I have ever seen, you are terrible and I can't believe people pay you to plan parties. . DON'T EVER COME BACK HERE!" She did this right in front of customers, and when I confronted her as to what the planner did wrong she could not give me a reason why she was so upset, just that she was terrible. She made no apologies for her rudeness and when I told her we would never come back based on her behavior, she said "good, I don't need you business". I rarely ever write reviews, and I especially hate writing negetive one's but this needed to be addressed. That is no way to treat another human being much less one who brought business to your establishment. This owner needs a lesson in customer service and an attitude adjustment. The wines are also not very good. They taste very sweet, like they've added sugar to disguise the awefulness. And when I mentioned to my wife that I didn't care for a particular wine, a 16 yr old busboy interupted me saying "that's our top seller, it's the best" Thanks for your input kid, but it tasted like grape lysol. Whatever you do don't book a party here.

Wine: 5 stars Winery: 5 stars Ambiance: 5 starsJan 03, 2010

Favorite Wine: Painted Lady

My boyfriend and I met some friends at Sarah's Vineyard last night. The wine was the best I have had in Ohio. The building is beautiful, the food good, and the service excellent!‎

Wine: 5 stars Winery: 5 stars Ambiance: 5 starsJan 03, 2010

Favorite Wine: Miserable

I had a birthday party for my mother in law the other day. I reserved 40 seats in the tasting room that holds about 70 people during Sarah's Vineyard's regular business hours. I didn't have to do anything - just show up. Three long rows of tables were set up for me with white table cloths. Ice and coffee were provided. I forgot plates and napkins which were graciously provided for me - even though I brought my own food. There was no minimum wine charge (I only bought 2 bottles of wine), and there was no automatic gratuity charge for large parties like in most places (the staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful in providing me with the things I forgot for free, and I didn't even leave a tip). I got away with spending $7 a person including wine on my mother in law at Sarah's Vineyard. I was guaranteed seating and setup in a beautiful setting, and I understand that other large parties were turned away because of my reservation. I was able to save a bunch of money and bring in my own food - even though Sarah's Vineyard provides a delicious menu. I didn't have to set anything up, clean the restrooms (which are immaculate), provide for parking, wash the dishes, or clean up my mess after the party. I got all of this for $7 per person, including some excellent wine (don't tell my mother in law). Sarah's Vineyard offers a great value for those not wanting to spend a lot on their in laws.

Wine: 1 stars Winery: 1 stars Ambiance: 1 starsOct 25, 2009

Well, the wine here is okay, but the service leaves something to be desired. Also, look out for the fruit flies. We found them landing in our wine glasses & caraffes at least a dozen times. When my wife took her glass up to get a new one and said "Could I please have another glass, it appears that a few flies have found their way into my glass," the woman gave her a new glass with no apologies, eye contact or common courtesies. Also, beware of "renting" the tasting room, as it will cost $250 for any more than 20 people. For that fee, Sarah's Vineyard will do absolutely nothing and provide absolutely nothing. They will not even give you the entire room, so what the $250 pays for is a mystery. After spending the large amount of money to end up renting two rows of tables for a party, I called the owner to discuss their policies and gain an understanding for what we were charged and I was told "to try throwing a party in my own house next time" and "then don't come back here in the future" and was hung up on. It appears that when your business is doing okay, treating your customers with respect is no longer a necessity. Go to Wolf Creek Winery in Norton instead - the wine is better, the staff is friendlier and there are no fruit flies!

Wine: 2 stars Winery: 3 stars Ambiance: 5 starsJun 21, 2009

Great location for the Summer Solstice. Did not care for the Blueberry wine though.

Wine: 3 stars Winery: 4 stars Ambiance: 3 starsJan 07, 2009

Nice place, good location next to Blossom. Wine was OK.

Wine: 2 stars Winery: 5 stars Ambiance: 5 starsNov 09, 2007

Beautiful winery. Wines were ok. Appetizers were great.

Susan E Evanoff

Location: OH

Wine: 4 stars Winery: 4 stars Ambiance: 4 starsAug 17, 2007

First visit - GOOD wine - can't remember the name, but it was the dry red blended!! Nice atmosphere and fun gift area. Oh, AND good food!!

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