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Jul 06, 2011
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Latest Wine Journal Entries

Swedish Hill Winery (written Jul 06, 2011)
Wine: 3 stars Winery: 3 stars Ambiance: 5 stars
My husband and I had a nice experience here. He can be a bit of a wine snob, and he said it was "okay." I thought it was great. More importantly - and this is all I ask at a winery - they were extremely FRIENDLY. There was no arrogance.

St. Michaels Winery (written Jul 06, 2011)
Wine: 5 stars Winery: 5 stars Ambiance: 5 stars
GREAT experience - and I've had some bad ones! For $6/person for a tasting, my group of 6 basically got 6 full glasses of wine each. We were personally catered to and the staff is extremely friendly and personable - you feel like you're old friends by the end. There is no arrogance. You're allowed to wander the mill freely. Their wines are excellent - I'm so bummed that PA has ancient liquor laws and we can't get their wines shipped to us. My husband can be a bit of a wine snob, and he loved their reds as well.

J. Maki Winery (written Jul 06, 2011)
Wine: 1 stars Winery: 1 stars Ambiance: 1 stars
Couldn't agree more with all these comments! My husband and I live nearby and stopped there several years ago - the woman was in there and we had an "okay" experience. She was at least friendly to us, albeit pompous. This past weekend we were on our way back from Pittsburgh and figured we would stop in since it was on our way back home. The view is amazing, but as you pull in, the first sign of rudeness is the sign that says "Private Property: Wine Tasters Only." Or something like that. Now when we visited several years ago we remembered they had had a dog in the tasting room. We had our dog in the car with us. Considering we had just drove in from Pittsburgh and considering we had seen a dog IN the tasting room before, and considering we were about to spend money, we figured a little explanation would at least allow us to stand inside with our dog long enough to taste some overpriced wine and decide which one we were going to waste our money on. WRONG! I waited outside with the dog and sent my husband in to try to talk to the owner and see what we were allowed to do. The man was there this time, and he wouldn't even look up at or acknowledge my husband when he walked in because his pompous self was too busy talking to other clients - so I waited out in the car with the dog since it was literally 90 degrees. I left my dog outside and went in for a second to use the restroom - again, I had just spent 5 hours in the car - and the owner literally glared at me the whole time. By the time he finally acknowledged my husband he said no we were absolutely not allowed in the winery with the dog. Don't know if he's just pompous or has social anxiety disorder. He then tells my husband that their dog is only allowed in their because he's their "worker dog" and he chases all the deer away. Okaaaay - so a "worker dog" means it magically doesn't shed in the tasting room??? WTH does that have to do with anything? And let me tell you - I sat outside and pet that dog when it slowly meandered/limped outside and then plopped down on the sidewalk and didn't move . . . that dog is a sweetheart alright, but I can't imagine that dog chasing deer away with any more efficiency than a snail! So they don't tell you the prices of any of the wines that you are tasting, but they DO tell you you have to pay for the tasting if you don't buy anything. Well their wines are so gross I'm SURE no one would buy their wines if they didn't have this dumb rule! So my husband tastes some wines, has to CALL ME on my cell phone as I'm standing outside because remember I'm not allowed back inside now, decides to buy 2 wines he's barely tasted just to get the heck out of that awkward and uncomfortable situation, only to find out at check out that it's 80-freaking-dollars. DO NOT GO HERE!!!! We get home that night and he gives me the white to try - I literally almost spit it out it was so gross. We spent the rest of the night drinking a $4.99 bottle of wine that was imported ACROSS THE PACIFIC OCEAN from Australia and was exponentially better than the wine from J. Maki.

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