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ladydiane50's Wine Journal

Aug 11, 2008
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Stone's Throw Winery (added Aug 11, 2008)
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Stone's Throw Winery (written Aug 11, 2008)
Wine: 1 stars Winery: 2 stars Ambiance: 2 stars
These people are some of the rudest people I have ever met. The owner and his staff are total jerks! and very, very arrogant people. Their noses are so high up in the air and such snobs and add very snotty. At State Fair the owner yelled at us to "get out" because we were not drinking enough wine fast enough to sit a table and then kicked us out, I could not believe it. Never has my family been treated so terrible by any establishment and totally out of the blue. The people who worked for the owner were as terrible as the owner. I will never purchase Stone's Throw wine or attend anything event. And one more thing, the wine is nothing special, no better than any other cheap wine! The owner is really an ass and so full of himself.

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