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bruceburkhardtsr's Wine Journal Entries

Ste. Genevieve Winery (written Dec 10, 2009)
Wine: 2 stars Winery: 2 stars Ambiance: 2 stars

Favorite Wine: Ste Genevieve RED

I have enjoyed Thr Texas REd now for years. Yes I also bought two bottles and both had a very bubbly fizz when opened. One jusgt exploded like a bottle of chanpane when opened. I called the winery to find out the problem. They explained that there was a production problem in Oct and the product was shipped before they could correct it. Seems yes champane effervesants was added to the red by mistake . They have recalled all of the shipments and are sending me four free bottles of red to replace the two I bought. They assured me they have corrected the problem and it will never happen again and are sorry for the problem. I feel have been dealt with fairly and am looking forward to the free four bottles. To check to see if you have the bubbly red look at the date on the bottle side near botton if last 6 numbers are 100809 our close to it give um a call will replace it .

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