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awill18's Wine Journal Entries

Chaumette Vineyards and Winery (written Jul 07, 2012)
Wine: 2 stars Winery: 3 stars Ambiance: 3 stars

Chaumette's management and service are incredibly poor, bordering on offensive and rude! I should have known not to have my wedding here after I hosted a small group there for my 30th birthday and left after getting told to move here or go over there and getting no service after 45 minutes. Don't let the view fool you or the fact that they have rooms, reception space, chapel, etc. all in one place - dealing with the management is NOT worth it. They couldn't have gotten it more wrong! From our food at our reception being ready over an hour before multiple emails stated that the wedding party would even be entering the venue, to them forgetting to provide ushers for our guests, to the grooms surprise cake not coming out after the DJ announced it (giving it away) multiple times - we have horrible memories of Chaumette's coordination of our wedding day. The lady that runs the salon works hours away and double booked our day and provided expensive quotes for what they offer. She was incredibly offensive in closing the deal, assuming we were going to basically trash the place while we were getting ready. We are adults. We cancelled everything when they we couldn't come to an agreement on prices and times a WEEK before the wedding after everything had been set for months. The rooms were great and the guests enjoyed that space and the pool. The food was ok, but after being hounded the entire time we were taking wedding photos to come down since the food was ready, nothing tasted good. SO many things we had agreed on months prior fell through the cracks and when we approached her at the wedding she screamed at me. When my family met with the management afterwards her response to being presented with all of the emails with everything that we had agreed upon was "So I guess we ruined your wedding - sue us!" Are you serious? We are going to start our happy lives and not look back, but to write reviews so others know what they are dealing with here. They were great during the initial weeks of planning as long as we were writing the checks (a LOT of checks) but on the day-of they were nowhere to be found. This would have been a great setting to return to for multiple anniversaries, but myself and my family and friends will never set foot on their property again. That is how strongly we feel about their ability to coordinate these types of events, how we were treated, and our experience at this venue under this management. Do not patronize this establishment!

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