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Posted Aug 28, 2014 at 4:57am
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Here you will see, across the canal, the Squero San Trovaso, one of two locations in the world where gondolas are constructed, not many people have the opportunity to see such a place, so take in the beauty for a moment before continuing onward toward cheap and delicious eats. After admiring the craftmanship of the gonodolas continue walking in the same direction up the canal. Soon you will likely encounter a crowd of people on the sidewalk munching on cichetti (akin to spanish tappas) and sipping on ombra (wine). This is where you want to be. (If there isn't a crowd clearly marking your destination then just look for the first bridge crossing the canal, the restaurant is directly across from it).992 Fondameta Nani italyOnce you make it you must fight your way up to the counter to order. The only Italian word you need to know is vino, the rest of the ordering is done via finger pointing to the cichetti you would like to try. 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