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Posted Sep 04, 2014 at 5:58pm
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Some of this group were once 'big boys' in local politics, but were voted out for their Bubbaism, their developer deals, and their arrogant behavior. Wouldn't want any of this group to miss their Thursday night booze, blow and cigars, now would we? Amazing how their 'party house' is still on the market, but it's still used on Thursday nights by this little group. Chanel Outlet On a straight business front, Amanda Alix at The Motley Fool takes another swing at why Best Buy is perilously close to "junk." "As the retailer suffers a downgrade from Standard Poor's placing it perilously close to junk status, and as it also firms up plans to lay off hundreds more employees and revamp their retail store model, the question persists: What went wrong? A recent article from Reuters opines that Best Buy and fellow sad sack Radio Shack are made to suffer by hosting Apple's products within their stores. Margins for Apple devices are tighter than for other brands, of course, but those items bring in foot traffic that might not have entered the store under other circumstances hence, the reason to carry Apple products in the first place. It's a low margin Catch22 that hurts these retailers. However, the stores do make more profit on Macs than on PCs and almost always sell an accessory or two with that iPad or iPhone. Is Best Buy really being bullied by the big boys? Certainly, the competitive threats are real, but to lay all of the company's problems at that doorstep seems overdone to me. After all, competition is the name of the game, and other retailers going up against Amazon are not suffering the same fate as Best Buy. As it turns out, the real problem is how Best Buy treats its customers."

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