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Posted Aug 28, 2014 at 9:57pm
When my youngest son was born in February 2001 and I found myself going back to work just a few days later "because I could" and because I didn't want to go any longer than needed without the income I knew it was time for a change, so I started looking around online. Later on that same year came September and well, you know what happened in September, our nation and our world was change in September of 2001, and so was my heart, my mind, and I was ready to make huge changes. Karen Millen Outlet The Ford Escape's Full Hybrid System Cheap Toms In what is one of the most competitive power and gas markets in Australia, Victorians are buying power from Momentum for as little as 17.37c per kilowatthour. Chanel Outlet Store The components of a solar powered Christmas light system include: The solar cell, rechargeable batteries, and LEDs (the lights). Cheap Toms threeminute fashion show." The 6foot8 star, who gets many of his threads custommade, came into the NBA already a fan of fashion. He doesn't consider all the attention and energy that goes into it a distraction: "I just like it, I like to look good and I feel good about myself." The highfashion, even nerdfashion sported by the NBA's top athletes are a far cry from the hiphop, baggypants street style that permeated the league in the 1990s, best exemplified by the likes of Allen Iverson. The league frowned upon that look, and in 2005, instituted a dress code that demanded players dress in "business casual" attire when they were on league business. But instead of wearing uniform suits, many NBA players have used the opportunity to showcase their individuality. Westbrook's shirts, which have ranged from leopardprint to bright cartoon designs, could hardly be described businesslike, but they are certainly casual and unique. Wade took a lot of flak when he started down the more flamboyant route, says Calyann Barnett, Wade's stylist, but now it seems everyone else is nipping at his Christian Louboutin wingtipsneaker heels. Lang Whitaker, an editor for the NBA style blog, likes seeing someone such as Wade take a fashion risk, including the shrunken pants a la directional designer Thom Browne. "A lot of guys wouldn't have tried it, let alone pull it off. Dwyane knew he'd get made fun of on (TNT'S) 'Inside (the) NBA,' but he still wore it and wore it well," he said. Barnett says there's a reason why basketball stars are becoming fashion trendsetters. "Basketball is more fashionable than other sports," said Barnett. "First of all, you see their faces. You don't see a football player's face most of the time, they're wearing a helmet. And basketball players have the best bodies. They are tall, muscular and wear clothes well. A lot of football players get thick in the neck, and baseball players can get thick legs." Cam Newton, quarterback for the NFL's Carolina Panthers, takes issue with that. He says all toptier athletes should dress well to show respect for their fans and appreciation for their opportunities. First of all, he was raised that way, wearing a suit to church in Atlanta on Sundays, and, he says, his coaches have emphasized it. But Newton allows that the NBA's overall look has nudged players in other sports to get their fashion game on. "I don't think it's not manly to say, 'Wow, did you see that nice tuxedo that guy had on?' It makes me want to look better," says Newton, who is launching his own fashion label at the Southern department store chain Belk. Of course, fashionable athletes didn't sprout up in the last decade. Back in the 1970s, players such as Walt "Clyde" Frazier and Julius "Dr. J" Irving prided themselves on their flashy looks. Now, Frazier says his style is as much a part of his persona as the legends of his playing days. "My brand is style and cool. That's why we're talking, right? The pressure is on me every time I go out." Frazier, a broadcaster for the New York Knicks, stays on top of trends hopes to make some. "I go to fabric stores and take the fabric to my tailor. I've taken cow, leopard, tiger prints to him. And there's another guy who does my ties, and another guy who does my shoes. When I first started, I wore penny loafers and plain buttondown collared shirts, but I live in the mecca of fashion and I've learned," he said. As for today's fashionforward players, Frazier said: "These guys are millionaires and should act like it. "They stay in fourstar hotels, go to the best restaurants, it's not appropriate to go to these places in a tracksuit. If they worked at that high a level for any other corporation in America, with their salaries, they'd have to wear a suit and tie. It's not too much to ask." Michael Conley Jr. of the Memphis Grizzlies doesn't mind. He says his clothes are a way to introduce more of his personality to fans. "I realized that my appearance both on and off the court went handin hand with the leadership role I was going to be taking on this year with the Memphis Grizzlies. I especially felt that off the court, it was important to improve and invest more time into my appearance, which would hopefully translate into a positive professional image," Conley wrote in an email to The Associated Press. "It just comes down to knowing who you are and where you're going in your career and what you want to be known for." Fashion is another way to have a little friendly competition, too. "It is fun seeing all the guys showing off their style during the season and especially during the playoffs. It makes for good conversation and lockerroom jokes," Conley says. Whitaker recalls that when he first starting covering the NBA, it was a parade of jeans, sweatshirts and boots coming off the bus at each stop. "Now, they have to dress up," he says, "and it's about who can dress up best." Follow Samantha Critchell at锘縉BC 10 Philadelphia Kare Millen Outlet Mais j'aurais d crire les restaurants de Burlington ajoutaient (plutt qu'ajoutent) dans le paragraphe prcdent. Parce que sembletil que cette pratique illgale aurait cess depuis qu'un journal de Burlington nomm le Seven Days a fait la lumire sur cette histoire. Cheap Toms Todd Hirsch, senior economist at ATB Financial, said even right now the labour market from Edmonton north to the oilsands epicentre of Fort McMurray, Alta., is tight and it's only going to get tighter. Chanel Outlet With the emphasis on future materials, there is no wood or leather in the Reflex; all the trim including the steering wheelmounted paddleshifters for the sixspeed semiautomatic gearbox is plastic. And in line with the model's ecofocus, the rubber sound insulation comes from recycled Nike training shoes. The cabin is kept cool by solarpowered fans, which operate even when the car is parked. Toms Shoes Outlet Voice Fueled Social Networking Chanel Outlet School children in Newark, which is just southwest of New York, face great obstacles. Per capita, it is one of the 50 poorest cities in the nation. The city has a 26 percent poverty rate and a high drop out rate among teenagers. Kare Millen Sale The Charlotte Observer welcomes your comments on news of the day. The more voices engaged in conversation, the better for us all, but do keep it civil. Please refrain from profanity, obscenity, spam, namecalling or attacking others for their views. Toms Shoes Outlet Developers on Monday asked Monroe County to change the land use category on their large Rockland Key parcel so they can attract a national chain box store. Chanel Replica NEWARK For all the focus on the banter between the head coaches before, during and after the game, it was Martin Brodeur who came into the press room flexing his jaw.

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