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Posted Sep 04, 2014 at 12:27pm
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The report provides detailed financial transactions, including active investors, examines VC investments broken down by type and technology, and also provides comprehensive information on solar M transactions, debt transactions, transaction details on announced largescale project funding, and project M This report also includes information on solar bankruptcies, downsizings and restructurings."The slowdown in VC funding can be attributed to the grim prospects for thinfilm, concentrating solar and concentrating PV technologies," commented Raj Prabhu, managing partner of Mercom Capital Group. "With the drastic fall in crystallinesilicon PV prices over the last two years, most other technologies have struggled to compete."Thinfilm companies saw the largest amount of VC funding in 2012, although the total fell 47 percent to $314M compared to almost $600M in 2011. 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Meanwhile, borrowing conditions across the eurozone are fragmented: Companies in the indebted countries are paying more to borrow due to troubled government and bank finances than their more financially stable neighbors.He said governments must pass structural reforms to make their economies more competitive and businessfriendly, such as easing rules on hiring and firing people. The aim would be to improve growth that would, in turn, boost tax revenues and help governments shrink debt longterm."To conclusively address the root causes of the crisis these efforts need to be maintained and, in some countries, stepped up," he said."Let me be clear: undertaking structural reforms, budget consolidation and restoring bank balance sheet health is neither the responsibility nor the mandate of monetary policy."Draghi did not appear to rule out further emergency actions by the central bank but gave little hint what those could be. 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