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Posted Sep 03, 2014 at 10:40pm
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Chanel Outlet Online COLUMBIA FALLS Proceeds from a large garage sale this Saturday will go toward helping a Kalispell animal group.There are probably over 100 garage sales in Flathead County on any given weekend, buth this time, the Flathead County Spay and Neuter Task Force, hopes you come to their garage sale.The group is trying to raise money for the spay and neuter clinics they give to people at a low cost, but they've also had their hands full with over 100 cats as a result of an animal cruelty case.This weekend's garage sale takes place at the Flathead County Spay and Neuter Task Force office that's located on Trumble Creek just off of Hodgson road in Columbia Falls.Everything from golf clubs, to life vests, to books, to fully framed pictures of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood will all be offered up for sale. Employee Terri Weber says they are selling high quality, donated goods."A lot of stuff has been donated, to raise money for our clinics, Many, many high end things. So hopefully we'll have a big, big sale."The clinics they hold aren't cheap, but a new problem for the group is the over 100 cats they took in as a result of the animal cruelty case of Cheryl and Ed Criswell. Weber says they've spent a lot of effort, and a lot of their own money, to nurse many of the cats back to health."The county is helping a little, I mean the county is paying for a lot of it, but yes, there is a lot that we put into it too."锘縮ale today through Sunday

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